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What is Printed Carpet ?

What is Printed Carpet ?


Hello Hello everyone, hardworking Key is on the line again.

Last time I introduced your guys what is  hand made carpet.

So today, let's talk about what is printed carpet ↓

Key will  elaborate on the four modules of the printed carpet:

1. variety;2.use; 3.introduction; 4.production.

First to know the varieties:

Printed carpet :

1. Tufting; 2. RunDe series; 3. Nylon piece dyeing; 

4. HD printing; 5. Wool printing; 6. Axminster  

7. Solona printing; 8. Okali, etc., 

Among which HD printing and Axminster More common.

Where it use?

1.KTV; 2. Corridor; 3. Home; 4. hotel lobby; 

5. Rooms; 6. Stairs; 7. Ballroom, etc.

In fact, as long as you want to get the place 

can be printed carpet, or even used in the toilet door.


However, what exactly is it of printed carpets?

①.Printed carpet is a carpet that is printed with a pattern

   on the base carpet by a process. The production principle

   is similar to that of a large color printer, which is 

     controlled by an electronic system to spray a color paste 

     onto the surface of the base carpet to form various patterns 

     on the carpet surface.

Advantages: short production cycle, high efficiency, strong adaptability,

    can meet customer's order demand in the shortest time, and has the 

    advantages of excellent elasticity, bright color, high color fastness, 

    mildew proof and anti-mite.

Disadvantages: Since the pattern of the printed carpet is formed by 

    spraying, and Axminster or Wilton is directly woven with colored yarn,

    the scatter of some patterns is not clear by Axminster and Wilton. 

    Because it is printed on the base blanket, there will be 2-3cm white edges

    on both sides of the finished blanket; since the special rubber used inthe base

    carpet has thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to swell in summer.

the most cost-effective, different grams of price;

printed carpets are originally from the white embryo carpet, and then the design and dyeing of the pattern;

The range of 6 grams is in the range of 450~600g, and the looping process is generally more than 600g. 

   The nylon material printing of more than 1000g can be used for fire protection. Remember to be nylon. 

   The printing blanket of 1400g or more can be used for the flower cutting process.

Beside nylon material, of course, the printed carpet also has polyester, polypropylene,  acrylic and other materials.

printing is generally not faded (unless encountered strong acid and alkali)

General factories will not do dozens of squares, just like us, the order quantity will be considered in more than 300 square meters. 

     The printed printed carpets are cost-effective, so the price is also cheap, and the quantity is too small to do so alone. It is really not suitable.

The basic introduction of printed carpets has been introduced. It is also very simple.

Everyone remembers that printed carpets are cheaper and more durable. They are suitable

for general hotel corridors or banquet halls and other places. Even the gym, the floor 

of the cinema is a place where the printed carpets show a price/performance ratio.

Finally, A little friends are very curious about how the printed carpet is produced, right? 

There are the series which will let you feast your eyes:

The production of printed blankets is mainly in the following stages:

Base blanketcorrection printing steaming washing antifouling treatment drying finished product.

This is the basic production. But many friends will say, :“How I want to buy a print blanket? ''

How is this produced? What about the process? 


Here is the answer.

The production mentioned above is a complicated and general production step of printing,

but many small partners pay more attention to how to carry out the production to the final delivery 

after they purchase the printing carpet.

In fact, it is not complicated:

Firstly, to choose the pattern or design you like, and the designer of the factory carpet will give you a deep drawing.

When you confirm, the factory will print the blanket of the printed blanket, color it, glue it at the bottom, and then 

cut it. After a series, the blanket will be wrapped and sent to you. If it is a full-floor blanket and you don't know how

to install it. The factory will also arrange installation workers to install it, but it needs cost money !


Ok, today's what is printed carpets’’ are finished, if there have any suggestions or want to let me introduce

the carpets which you are interested in the next issue. Please contact my email ( for delivery instructions.


Our next carpet explanation will meet again! Bye bye !