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What is Hand made carpet

What is Hand made carpet


What is Hand made carpet ?


↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Mention:Clicking above "What is Hand made carpet "can turn to the handmade carpets main page .

     Carpets are ground coverings made of natural fibers or chemical synthetic fiber materials such as cotton, 

hemp, wool, silk, grass yarn, etc., which are knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. It is one

of the world's fine arts and crafts with a long history. Covering the grounds of houses, hotels, hotels, confere

-nce rooms, entertainment venues, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, airplanes, etc., it can reduce no

-ise, heat insulation and decorative effects to improve foot feel, prevent slipping and prevent air pollution. The

 interior area of the house is kitchen, bedroom, bedside, coffee table sofa, bathroom, living room.


      Above we mention for carpet by hand ,however ,  

            what is Hand made carpet and what kinds of detail it has ?

Here is the answer as below: ↓↓↓

Material of Hand made carpet :

Acrylic:Reflective, can't meet fireproof.

Chinese wool :Easy to drop wool ,not suggest to produce for 100%.

New zealand wool:Hardly to wool,bright color .

Silk:Reflective ,don't suggest to do for corridor.

Viscose :Capillary, soft with bright color.

Crafts :

Flat cutting :Common crafts.

Cut pile:Need more than  5mm pile,good for looking.

Flat circle:Durable .

High cut low circle:Beautiful and decent.

Low cut high circle:circle can't do straighten.

High low cut:Strong sense of hierarchy.

High low circle:Durable.

Brick stone:Elegant and luxury.

Basic introduction :

1.Pound:4.5-8.5 pround

2.Pile height:9-15mm


4.Sample order:7-12days .

5.Big order :25-35days.

6.Decoration: gold rope, silver wire

7.Backing:Latex bottom,jute,Non-woven fabric

8.Request for design,MOQ,color :Without any requestments. 

9.Waste for produce :No .

:Material compare:

 1.The acrylic material is slightly hard and has a reflective surface;

     the new hair is brighter and softer than the national hair.

 2.The Chinese wool has a hairy wool and will lose wool,cheaper then New zealand wool.


                After my introuduce ,i hold a belief that you are already familiar with hand made carpet ,don't you ?

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