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What are the size of the living room carpet

What are the size of the living room carpet


What are the size of the living room carpet

Carpets of various sizes , before buying should know what the most appropriate size you wanted.

Why size so important?

The size of the carpet can be divided into different functional areas in the room, for example, a table in the outer periphery of with 2 square feet of carpet, easily into the scope of the dining room.

Most of the oriental carpets are produced in Asia and Europe, these carpets are the size of metric calculation.

The carpet conversion method is: 1 meters =3.28 feet. But in the converted feet, there will always be some changed.

Choose three factors should be considered the size of the carpet

How do you determine what size we need?

Small can be a recommended formula:

size =square meters + function + preferences

This formula is the decomposition:

1, is the total area plan carpeted room, accurate area.

2, the function mainly refers to the carpet area is what, for example, is the dining room, bedroom or sofa area, etc.. The function is different, need a blanket of course is not the same size.

3, preferences, then look at personal taste. Much of the area around the hope with love, or look at the carpet area extends far. These should also take into account the size of carpet inside.

The following for example, if you are going to the living room, the living room on a carpet. The living room there are always a coffee table.So, we must first measure the entire living room area.

Then, consider the carpet function: just keep warm in the cold winter, or specially used to cover a piece of broken floor? Calculate the carpeted area.

The above is all the measurement work.

However, according to the living environment, climate and other factors, and the type of floor, carpet also has various functions.

If there are children at home, the children can run and play on it that plays a protective role; for is not on the first floor tenants, carpet can in great extent prevent noise propagation to the downstairs tenants from disturbing.

Finally, one of the factors in the formula is: preferences.

You may think the coffee table with a small blanket looking than big. As for the bedroom, may want a nearly full shop carpet, let you go feel soft and comfortable.

These are the need to consider the purchase of the carpet.

Fortunately a blanket of various sizes have, to find a suitable piece should not be difficult.

Here is a list of some common models and its application area.

60cm * 120cm, often laid in the bathroom, kitchen and door;

90cm * 150cm, is generally placed in the house and the kitchen entrance;

180cm * 120cm, generally placed in the door or smaller under the tea table;

2.4m * 1.5m, which is the most popular carpet size in the sofa area;

2.7m * 1.8m, with 1.5m * 2.4m almost, is very popular;

3M * 2.1m, this size is not use more, if needed, you may turn around. But the size of the larger living room is very practical;

3M * 2.4m, as long as I hear this size, my first reaction is in the living room. But this type of carpet suitable any occasions like shop in the table below, even the stool backwards, but also to ensure that the stool feet on the carpet surface. Of course, the shop in the living room is also good;

3.6m *2.7m, this is a large living room and large restaurant of the carpet;

4.2m * 3M, the size of the general room is a little big. But can be used for special purposes.

Of course, you can also find more and more carpet. And you can customize it.

Many people have a special liking for the round carpet. They are generally used in the lobby and dining room.

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