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The way forward, you need to know how to turn.

The way forward, you need to know how to turn.


In the world of life, the road is never straight.


Water can Inflow the sea because it cleverly avoids all obstacles and keeps turning.

A lot of smart guys have not been able to embark on the road to success, because many of them be rebuffed and do not look back.

It is inevitable that you will encounter difficulties on the road of life.However, It is a way to turn around

The mountain does not turn, the road turns; the road does not turn, the person turns. As long as the mind turns, adversity can also become an opportunity.

As long as you turn a corner in your heart, you will turn your mind and beyond yourself to create a new world.

The famous movie star Christopher-Levy accidentally fell in an equestrian event and became a high paraplegic. He was desperate and want to end his life.

But in the face of setbacks, he finally chose to turn, use wheelchairs as walking and be a director. He won the Golden Globe Award for the film he directed. 

                                                                                                                               He also insisted on using his teeth to bite the pen and wrote the first book of his life, "It's Still Me."


Rolling in the poor-water road from the horizontal, sitting and watching the high clouds . There is a road along the road, and there is a heart in the heart, relying on the eyes and mind.


We need control our own life ,turning is a way to go straight .Someone says that here have two things for a human who goes straight of his life road : go straight and turning .

  It takes courage to move forward, and wisdom is needed to turn. When the road is not working, choose to turn. when the heart is unhappy, choose to be bearish; 

                                                                                 when the emotion getting farther, then choose free.


Life is like walking on the road, one hardships with one of scenery .


Einstein once said: "The highest skill of man is the ability to adapt to objective conditions." Darwin said more thoroughly: "The survival of the fittest."

What they say "fit" in popular terms is that will "turn".

After walking through some roads, then realized hard-working; climbing some mountains then know the hardships; Rolling some rivers then know how to trek;Crossing some hurdles then know beyond.

The end of road is still a way if you willing go straight .

Therefore ,In the dictionary of life, there are many situations whether you are willing,able , good or not . This has resulted in a vast variety of life and a colorful world.

The road to life is rugged and flat. There always have many gullies that need to be crossed. The taste of life have bitter and sweet also have many salty need to taste.

Here always have the place to turn when you are on travelling .needn’t be dodged but to face the pain .Life is full, face it calmly.


To be a bunch of flower that blooms in bloom, you don't have to cover it when you are in full bloom. When withered that face the bleakness with simple and happy heart to smile and welcome life .


Less than sight, easy to take a detour; loss of mind and walk to the end of life easily. In fact, the detour is almost a dead end.



In this world ,here have a lot of detour,but only have one end road .The different is The detour is to take the right path, and the end road is to reverse the right path.

 The detour with mountains and rivers but the end road will have no way to go. When the road cant go straight , why not choose to turn?

Zhou Youguang, an outstanding language literary scholar who is 105 years old this year. Once, when CCTV Cui Yongyuan asked about his longevity secrets,


Mr.Zhou  said: "Everything need to think about well then have to look forward."

 The host joked and said: "If I still can't think about well ?"

Mr.Zhou said with a sentence: "Turn a corner then you will think well !"


Mr.Zhou believes that "turning a corner, bad things are good things.

 He also reminded people: "The person who committed suicide is that he went to the place where he wants to turn but he can't then just have to die."


"The advantage of giving a detour to life is that you can see where the right path is it;

the downside to giving life is that you need to lose something else in life to make up for it.


                                                                  To be good at uniting the people around, need converge, forbearance and with tolerance.


                               Life will not be ill-fated with elegant people, and people must be kind, let good deeds accompany their lives, narrow the path, and stay one step with others.


                                                                  To fulfill others is to fulfill yourself, to be less angry, and to be more competitive.



                                                For the long road of life, it is more important to see clearly than to go faster, because you can go far if you are right.