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Star River Group project

Star River Group project



Star River Group Project
    STAR RIVER PROPERTY HOLDING LTD is always intend to provide the best quality living room and superior life.
Shanghai Star River Project

Shanghai Star River Project

    In the project of Shanghai Minghang Star River Club in 2010, we overcome the shortage of production time, 
    fulfilled on time, all the product met quality standard.

 Guangzhou Star River Project

 Beijing Star River Project

Shenyang Star River Project

Ordos Star River Project

    Guangzhou Mengaiku Carpet Conpamy companies adhere to high quality as a starting point, with experienced 
    design team, providing customers with new ingenuity style carpet.

    With so much affirmative praise by the industry, Mengaiku Carpet had become the top leader of customized 
    hand made and machine made carpet.