On the importance of social platforms
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On the importance of social platforms


I have been registered with LinkedIn for a while, and I have never logged in before.

In the past six months, 

I received some network promotion arrangements from my colleagues 

and I asked for some promotion of the company's carpet products.

Let's seeing, my colleagues have arranged for me to work. 

However, I am very happy that their attitude towards work is positive.

I am glad to accept this task of carpet product network promotion. 

In fact, many people in LinkedIn are doing product promotion, which is an international field.

Can let more people know about the brand of carpets and carpet products.

At first our intention was to promote the company's brand on LinkedIn.

In fact, LinkedIn is now like a social platform. Some people sell products and others write travel notes and display the company's image.

And like me, I will write about my feelings and showcase our carpet products.

I think if someone gives me the next carpet order, it would be too cool.

Meiyaju Carpet Co., Ltd. operates products ranging from five-star hotels to quality suppliers of several real estate groups, commercial carpet tiles and more.

The company's performance is a high-level project. I have been in the carpet industry for 23 years and have never been bored.

I hope that our customers will receive professional guidance with full enthusiasm.

High-quality carpet products enter thousands of households, so that every family has a warm environment.

I also borrow more platforms to let more people see Mei Yaju, and of course I want more people to buy our carpets. .