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Mother's suicide note for 4 sons: Thank you for taking care of me, but I regret giving birth to you.

Mother's suicide note for 4 sons: Thank you for taking care of me, but I regret giving birth to you.



A mother gave the four sons a suicide note, and countless people were red-eyed after reading:

 Thank you for taking care of me, but I regret that you gave birth to you -


Today, June 6th, I passed my 80th birthday, which means that I have lived for 80 years.

In such a long time, I gave birth to you "four sons", and helped you bring 8 kids. That is to say, in my life, with one hand, I raised 12 children and grandchildren.

However, I am get  old  enough to see your face.

Especially a few years ago, after your father died, I obviously felt that you were impatient with me day by day .

When your father just passed away, I really hope that my son can take me home, I want to live with you even though  I need do anything.

For this reason, I have been looking forward to two months. Two months later, my heart was cold, I know, no one will pick me up to your home.

Fortunately, you can count on me at that time, four people work shifts, one person per week, so every night, I am not afraid.

To tell the truth, at my age, to live on my part, what is terrible? What I am afraid of is nothing but loneliness.



My sons, you have spent a year and nine months with me, which is about 630 days. As a mother, I am grateful  and happy.

After that, each of your faces is getting more and more ugly. Come, there is no word for me, go, there is still no sentence.

It seems that you are entering a hotel, and the old lady who looks at you in the eye has no relationship with you.

I am afraid to offend any of you, although I don't eat you a meal, don't wear you a piece of clothing, don't even spend a penny, but you accompany me, you owe you.

Even if I became cautious, you still quietly withdrew my night, no one came back, and gave me loneliness.




That's fine. After all, after your father died, you accompanied me for one year and nine months. 

I am grateful for this. For the rest of the day, I will go by myself.

I have been struggling for more than two years. I am celebrating my 80th birthday. 

You bless me: "Long life is 100 years old!" I laughed and smiled. 

I can live to this age. "Long life is 100 years old" is useless.

During this time, my heart is getting more and more uncomfortable. I didn't say it, and I don't know who to say.

I hope that the disease will take me away quickly, so I will be grateful for the fate of my favor.

A few days ago, I dreamt of your father. He smiled and looked at me and said, let me go, pick me up, walk with me, you will never be lonely again.

Woke up, the stars outside the window, the moon is round and big, this beautiful night, I dreamed of your father, dreaming that he would pick me up. 

I am grateful for his love in this life, and I am grateful for your 630 days of companionship.

My heart is uncomfortable day by day. I understand that the deadline is coming, so I wrote this letter. 

The fate of the mother and the child is almost exhausted.

I am full of white hair, let me swear with my white hair: I really appreciate your company, 

but in addition to this sentence, I have one more thing to say: I regret to have you, if there is Afterlife, never seen again.

But I am a mother, I am not vicious, I still hope that all four of you will be happy in your later years, will not be rejected by your eight children. 

After you have done it, let’s stop it, stop here...




A few days later, the old man died and died peacefully on his bed. He held the only photo of her and her husband. It was just a couple.

If one day, you find that your father's flowers and trees have become obsolete;

If one day, you find that the floor wardrobe in your home is often dusty;

If one day, you find that the mother's cooking is too salty and too salty;

If one day, you find that parents often forget to turn off the gas;

If one day, you find that they have reacted slowly across the road;

If one day, you find that some of the habits of the old father and mother are no longer habits, just as they no longer want to take a bath every day;

If one day, you find that they no longer love to go out...

Please pay more attention to them, check their bodies in time, and take time to look at them. If you observe more, most of them will not take the initiative to say that they are uncomfortable. Instead, they will cover up and do not want you to see it, and do not want to trouble you;

Please do your best to your parents, don't do things that will make you regret, don't wait until they are gone, know how to cherish.




If one day the two people who raised you are gone, no one in this world will love you without reservation.

When you go back to your memories and your parents, you may only have tears and tears.

When you are fine, always go home and check it out. They just need you to go home. 

Don't spend your time on entertainment. Remember, the bar is not home.

Don't let your parents see through your eyes, but you can't see you.



If one day the two people who raised you are gone, there will be no one in the world who will treat you with no distractions.

Therefore, don't hurt your parents' hearts. In your parents' life, give your parents some happiness. 

Don't say that you don't have time, don't say that you are busy with your work.

You must know that there is only one father and mother. If you have no work, you can find it again. 

Even if your heart is gone, you can change it again...

But my parents are gone, where can I find them?

There are some things that we can't understand when we are young. When we know it, it is no longer young.

There are things in the world that can be made up, and some things can never be made up...

Hurry up and do your filial piety for your parents.





Maybe it's a mansion, maybe a brick.

Perhaps it is a swan on the other side of the ocean, perhaps a phone that is close at hand.

Maybe it's a table of seafood, maybe an ordinary light rice.

Perhaps it is a splendid Hua Shi Hua Yi, maybe a pair of clean cloth shoes.

Maybe it’s tens of thousands of dollars, maybe just a coin with body temperature... but on the balance of “filial piety” they are equivalent.

Live a good life and be kind to your parents. 

If one day the two people who raised you are gone, then we will not have regrets, 

because we have done what we did when our parents were alive.



Parents are there, life is still there,

Parents go, life is only the way to return,

Cherish that you can still have your parents every day,

Accompany you,

It is the happiness that others can't ask for!