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Living of beautiful with elegant

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Living of beautiful with elegant

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Carpets have an irreplaceable role in the home.

Decorations that can be used as decorations in the home can also play a protective role when children play,

Can also absorb sound and adjust the magical effect of indoor air~

Let's take a look at the different types of home rugs!



1. Pure wool carpet

Soft touch, strong pulling force, good elasticity, beautiful pattern,

 bright color, comfortable foot, and good antistatic performance.

It is not easy to aging, does not fade, etc. 

It is the best high-quality raw material for weaving carpets in the world, and it is also a high-grade floor decoration material.


2. Cotton carpet

There are many cotton parts, generally flat weave, line carpet, and chenille tufting series, which is cost-effective.

The feet are very soft and comfortable. 

This texture is also very clean and can be washed directly into the washing machine.

Pure cotton carpets are divided into two types, one for bottoming and one for no. 

If the bottom is added, it is more slippery. It can be placed where there is water at the door of the bathroom.

If you don't add low, you can put it in a relatively dry area in your home, such as a living room study.



3. Synthetic carpet

Its price is not different from that of pure cotton. It is especially special in its style and it is not easy to fade.

Generally, it is still used for professional cleaning. If you save a little, you can also clean it yourself with detergent.

Its foot feel is not as comfortable as cotton, but it is generally used in restaurants and bathrooms.


    4.Suede carpet

The material of this carpet is usually made of broken cowhide, and the color is basically a single point.

However, he has a strong texture, suitable for use in the living room, studio, study and other dry areas. 

This material can not be washed with water, only by vacuum cleaning.

So even though such rugs are very attractive, this one contains ash, 

so if you have children, it is best not to choose because it is easy to get bacteria.


5.Jute carpet

Very beautiful but not good maintenance, mainly can not be washed, can only be washed with detergent.

The price is also very expensive. 

Sitting on the carpet in the summer is very comfortable, and the effect is similar to that of tatami.

Some housewives are very clean and can consider using this material. It is very elegant and tasteful.


     6.Rag rug

This material carpet is very cost effective, the material is simple, and the price is very cheap.

The color and the solid color can complement each other, and it is very beautiful to use on both sides. 

It can be washed inside the washing machine.

It is only suitable for small-area use.

It is generally suitable for entrances, dressing rooms, restaurants, studios, and it is simpler in the living room.


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