​How to install rubber flooring?
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​How to install rubber flooring?

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​How to install rubber flooring?

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How to install rubber flooring?

 Precautions for installing rubber flooring?

The use of rubber flooring is very wide, 

suitable for shopping malls, schools, hospitals, gyms, early education centers, etc., 

can make home life more colorful.

So, how to install rubber flooring can make us live more comfortable and comfortable?

Let's take a look at how to install the rubber floor and precautions.


All the ground to be laid is glued and glued. Base level requirements: 

The ground floor of the construction must be clean, durable, flat, and free of cracks.

After the floor is dusted, PVC rubber flooring can be laid. If the original ground is uneven,

 it can be constructed with self-leveling of about 2mm.

(2)If it is a damp ground such as a basement,

 the floor must be waterproof to isolate the water vapor.


Arrange in the order of the number of the floor, align and merge, 

pay attention to the alignment of the site line during the paving process.

It is recommended to use water-soluble glue that is harmless to the human body for construction.

When the floor is pasted, use a cork block to squeeze the floor surface 

from the middle to the ends to make it flat without leaving air bubbles, and completely roll flat.

After the floor is covered, it is grooved and welded. 

After welding, the wire should be leveled.

Note: For the adjacent two rooms to lay different colors, patterned plastic floor, 

the dividing line should be outside the door frame, 

so that the door floor is symmetrical.

When tiling, use a rubber squeegee to strike around from the middle to catch the bubbles.

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