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Great Secret Of National Day

Great Secret Of National Day


large fabulous bird in city ,flying pigeons celebrate the birthday of China, 

Golden chrysanthemum spit glamorous to congratulate the Festival! 

On the National Day of 2018, the 69th birthday of the motherland is coming soon!


According to statistics, there are 35 countries in the world that have established national time as National Day.

 China’s founding of the country on October 1, 1949 was the National Day.

Cuba, Cambodia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were the national holidays on the day of the occupation of the capital.

Some countries use National Independence Day as their National Day. 

On January 1st, 1804, the Haitian people annihilated Napoleon's 60,000 expeditionary forces and declared independence in Port-au-Prince. 

Since then, January 1st of each year has been designated as National Day. The same is true of countries such as Mexico and Ghana.

Some countries also use the armed uprising anniversary as the National Day. 

After the Communist Party led the armed uprising National Day to work overtime, overthrowing Antoniscu’s reactionary rule, 

it was transferred to the anti-fascist war on August 23, 1944, which was designated as National Day. 

France is the national day to destroy its autocratic symbol.

In other countries, the major conference day is the National Day. 

The United States adopted the "Declaration of Independence" at the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 as the National Day. 

Canada is the National Day of the British Parliament passed the "Great Britain North America Act" on July 1, 1867. 

Japan is the National Day of the birthday of Emperor Hirohito. 

Also, the birthday of the head of state is the National Day, such as Nepal, Thailand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and other countries.

National Day has a long history . Therefore, the basis for determining the National Day of the world is also very strange.

Attached: World National Day Date Table 



January 1st: Cuba. Sudan, Haiti

January 4th: Myanmar

January 20th: Armenia

January 26th: Australia, India


February 4th: Sri Lanka

February 6th: New Zealand

February 11th: Japan (Foundation Day)

February 16: Lithuania

February 21: Iran

February 23: Brunei

February 24th: Estonia

February 25: Kuwait

February 27: Dominica

March of the National Day date


March 3: Morocco, Bulgaria

March 17: Ireland

March 23: Pakistan

March 25th: Greece

March 26: Bangladesh


April 4th: Senegal

April 18: Zimbabwe

April 21st: United Kingdom

April 26: Tanzania

April 27th: South Africa

April 30th: Netherlands (Koninginnedag, Queen's Birthday)


May 1st: Marshall Islands

May 15th: Paraguay

May 17th: Norway (Calendar Memorial Day)

May 20th: Cameroon

May 22: Yemen

May 25th: Argentina

May 28th: Azerbaijan

May 30th: Croatia


June 2nd: Italy

June 5th: Denmark

June 6th: Sweden (Gustav 1 in 1953)

June 10th: Portugal

June 12th: Russia, Philippines

June 17: Iceland

June 21st: Slovenia

June 26: Madagascar

June 30: Democratic Republic of the Congo

July of the National Day date


July 1st: Canada (Canada Day)

July 3rd: Belarus

July 4th: United States (Independence Day)

July 5th: Venezuela

July 9th: 帛琉

July 11: Mongolia

July 12: Kiribati

July 14th: France (Bastille Day)

July 17: Iraq

July 20th: Colombia

July 21st: Belgium

July 23: Egypt

July 28th: Peru


August 1st: Switzerland

August 2nd: Macedonia

August 5th: Israel

August 6th: Bolivia

August 9th: Singapore

August 11th: Chad

August 15th: South Korea

August 17th: Indonesia (Independence Day)

August 19th: Afghanistan

August 20th: Hungary

August 24th: Ukraine

August 27th: Moldova

August 29th: Slovakia

August 31st: Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

September of the National Day date


September 2nd: Vietnam

September 3: Kada

September 7th: Brazil

September 9th: North Korea

September 12th: Ethiopia

September 15th: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador

September 16: Mexico

September 17: Syria

September 18th: Chile

September 23: Saudi Arabia

September 24: Guinea-Bissau

  1. October

October 1st: People's Republic of China (National Day), Nigeria, Tuvalu (Independence Day)

October 3: Germany (reunification)

October 10: Republic of China (National Day, Commemorating the Wuchang Uprising (October 10, 1911, Lunar August 19), Fiji

October 12th: Spain

October 16: Holy See

October 21st: Somalia

October 26th: Austria

October 27: Turkmenistan

October 28th: Czech Republic

October 29: Turkey


November 1st: Algeria

November 3rd: Panama

November 9th: Cambodia

November 11th: Poland, Angola

November 18th: Latvia

November 22nd: Lebanon

November 28: East Timor


December 1st: Romania

December 2nd: United Arab Emirates

December 5th: Thailand

December 6th: Finland (Independence Day)

December 11th: Burkina Faso

December 12th: Kenya

December 16: Kazakh

December 17: Bhutan

December 28th: Nepal