Every year, today, the age of the present.
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Every year, today, the age of the present.

Every year, today, the age of the present.


In order to promote the company's corporate culture, let each employee feel the collective warmth and care.

Recently, a unique outdoor barbecue birthday party for three employees has arrived!

    It’s really a good day to have a cool day in the summer.


    Founding the barbecue station and everyone started the division of labor. Have a glutinous meal, take a dish,、

washing vegetables, taking drinks and adjusting ingredients, etc., is like a family dinner.

    Eat enough, enter the blessing red envelope and cut the birthday cake

    Sending the blessing red envelope, sing a birthday song, cut a cake, everyone has sent themselves

our heartfelt birthday wishes, their heart is full of emotions。



      On this special day, the company affirmed and thanked the employees for their long-term hard work.,

It also expresses the company's care for employees, so that all employees feel the collective warmth, but also show

 a people-oriented, united and up-to-date corporate culture. This will be the source of strength for MNK's continuous advancement.。