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Carpet maintenance and how to clean it properly

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Carpet maintenance and how to clean it properly

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A beautiful carpet is like a woman's face. Only regular and regular care can keep clean and beautiful.

However, how to make your beloved carpet last longer and brighter?

In fact, this is not difficult. In addition to the need to have good living habits, proper use and maintenance are very important.


There is a very important principle in cleaning:

1) In a timely manner, families using carpets should preferably buy a vacuum cleaner for frequent cleaning.

Don't make the carpet too wet, so as not to damage the tissue on the back, making the carpet very difficult to dry.

If the humidity is too severe, the bottom will even begin to decay.

2) After using the carpet evenly for a few years, it is best to change the position to make it wear evenly.

Once you have bumps in some places, gently tap it, or use a steam iron or a hot towel to gently apply it.

3) After the stain on the carpet is removed, it must be removed in time, but the decontamination must have the correct way.


Here are a few ways to remove common stains from carpets:

Edible oil stains: Remove with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride, and wash the residue with alcohol.

Soy sauce stains: New stains are first brushed with cold water and then washed with detergent to remove them. 

                             Chen stains can be washed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, then rinsed with water.

Shoe polish: Wipe off with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, then wash with soap.

Urine stains: New stains can be washed off with warm water or 10% ammonia solution. 

                     Chen stains are first washed with detergent and then with ammonia water. 

                     Pure wool carpets should be washed with citric acid.

Juice stains: first wash with 5% ammonia solution, then use detergent again. 

                    However, ammonia water has a detrimental effect on pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be used as much as possible. 

                    Generally, it can be cleaned with citric acid or soap, and alcohol can also be used.

Ice cream stains: Wipe with gasoline.

Wine stains: New stains can be washed with water. Chen stains need to be washed with water. 

                     Chen stains need to be removed with an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet of wool or silk material, it can be washed with oxalic acid.

                     Coffee stains, tea stains: Wash off with ammonia water. Silk, wool carpet, immersed in oxalic acid cleaning agent for 10-20 minutes, then washed, or washed with 10% glycerin solution.

Vomiting stains: One method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia water, and finally wash with warm water.

    Another method is to moisturize the vomit with 10% ammonia water, then wipe it with alcohol-added soap and clean it.

4) After the carpet is wiped with water, use a clean towel to dry the water and try to dry the carpet as soon as possible, but avoid sun exposure to avoid fading.

If you accidentally burn the carpet out of the scorch marks, use a lightly hard brush to remove it. In severe cases, cut some carpet fluff at the corners and stick it to the burnt area with an adhesive.

Then press a book underneath, wait for the glue to dry, then comb it. If you break the glass on the carpet, it will be more troublesome to clean up.

At this time, a small piece of tape paper or water-repellent cotton can be used to stick the tiny broken glass and then vacuumed.

Having said that, I believe that my friends have already understood how to clean the carpet.

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