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About our newzland wool rug

About our newzland wool rug


Wool is a textile that is biodegradable and renewable, being that sheep just need time to grow a new supply, making New Zealand wool rugs an environmentally friendly choice for your home decor. New Zealand wool is most well known as the whitest and purest wool in the world.
Wool rug primary use is in design and home decor items, because of its extremely esthetic appeal. The Sheep from New Zealand that produce the famous wool are raised on land unsuitable for crop cultivation or other agricultural production. The New Zealand sheep farms themselves do not use any banned pesticides thus creating one of the world's most environment-friendly animal production industries. These rugs continue the "green" methods and produce the area rugs in an eco-friendly manner so that the delicate and vital balance of nature is not upset. New Zealand wool rugs can be either woven by a machine, or hand-tufted. The process that is used affects the quality, thickness and density. Usually, handmade rugs are thicker and denser than a rug woven by a machine. If properly cared for and cleaned, wool rugs can have a long, beautiful life. Sheepskin rugs are also used in the wool rug industry and are equally desired. They are lavish and grand, perfectly complimenting home furnishings.