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The vogue for healthy and natural products-Sisal carpet

The vogue for healthy and natural products-Sisal carpet

 As a  very common kind of textile accessories,carpets is more better than floor tile in its durable and decoration.The excellent quality carpet could highlight the quality of home,even to show forth the culture of country.But do you know about the advantages of natural sisal carpet as an new  kind of product?

One of the most popular material to people in summer,hemp.Besides all you know about hemp product,the tread of carpets which using hemp to weaving are also popular.Put down one piece on the ground you can enjoy the cool of it.

Sisal plant;Sisal is a tequila agave leaf Kelon fiber crop, originating in Mexico Peninsula dragon jiadan.

Sisal Fiber:The material of sisal carpet is from the agave plant leaves  from 5 to 7 years in the extraction of fiber

The advantage of sisal carpet:Due to the characteristics of sisal fiber is easy textile,pure white,tenacity,elastic;acidproof alkali;anti-corrosive;nonslip and so on;are widely used in fishing, weaving sisal rugs, and other daily  necessities.

As a kind of new carpet, sisal carpet appeared in the nearly twenty years, the material is in line with the odern pursit of fresh and natural which are different from other carpets.

Sisal carpet fibers from is grown in five to seven years of Agave very thick leaves extract and to, can release the fragrance of natural plants to make people relaxed. As a kind of natural products that have many advantages.The most significant is that the sisal carpet has a strong moisture which can release water or moisture absorption depands on environment to provide a suitable humidity.

In the 1970s to 1980s, the natural sisal carpet had spread to Europe ,but in that time it has been very popular with its unique touch and excellent properties; and in line with the tread of modern pursuit of natural, environmental protection.

The features:
1.Can adjust the indoor environment and air-conditional temperature.
2. Energy-saving , lower costs.
3. Pure natural and biodegradable:is harmless to humans and the environment from natural sisal fibers.
4. Anti- insects and  anti-bacterial:After sterilization(up to 200 degress) during in the process,it can prevent the mould.
5. Anti-static
6.Good elasticity and soundproof 
7.Durable,can be used more than 3 years
8.Acidproof alkali;anti-corrosive
9.Rich three-dimensional texture highlighted the stereo perception,can massage the feet without shoes.

MNK Carpet will try our best to do the top-class quality products.