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Magic of wool carpet,Dream garden in the room

Magic of wool carpet,Dream garden in the room


Born in Argentina in 1981, an artist with a Greek heritage, Kehayoglou Alexandra, uses industrial waste materials to craft an immersive experience. These reflect the natural beauty of the hand - made carpets realistic reproduction of the quiet beauty of Buenos Aires, people meditation, people are full of inspiration, but also let people re think of nature and the environment. Carpets made of recycled materials are not the same, each of which is unique. According to the size of the work, these are the perfect dyeing of wool in the artist's hand after a week or two months to complete the production.

"These works can be understood as design products, but they also have the meaning of art," said the artist. Behind every piece has a story, the story of the scene from my past that place." Kehayoglou Alexandra's customers including architects, designers, artists, collectors, and anyone who wants to have a garden in their own room.