Brand story and History


Shangri-la,internationally renowned brands,Asia’s largest luxury hotel group,with hospitality,is the management idea,has always been provides guests with meticulous care and high-quality accommodation services.

In 2005,the great group which treat guest as family people contact with us,this is the affirmation of our production quality and service quality,in the face of their rigorous stringent requirements,because we are always with great faith,because we believe that quality and service just embody Mengaiku extraordinary difference. efforts and intentions are confirmed after that,Shangri-la establish stable cooperative relationship with us,finished tens of hotel projects present,Mongolia Shangri-la hotel nearly finish project of 320 guestroom and corridor carpet.and this is only start,and even more surprise,more touch,we will share with you in the future!

Power is the witness of brand,the case of Shangri-la increased the confidence of mengaiku,mengaiku people from then on determining to work harder and make more considerate service,we treat every customer as our Shangri-la.  


Development history


 company establish 

Mengaiku Carpet Co.,Ltd was establshed in flower city Guangzhou


Reborn from difficult situation

Early developnent of the company,of course we will meet all kinds of  problens,but it doesn't affect the space of ourprogress,because we fimly believe that,gold will shine at any day,also good quality product  will get recognigion,because we fimly believe that,plus the born with persistence for Mengaiku people,we survive he difficultyand meet the new life.


Zhongshan Shangre-la

2004,Sucessfully bid for Zhongshan Shangre-la.



 We Won the bidding competition from Agile hotle,we become the stable carpet supplier of Agile Hotel.


Happen on meeting with Chateau Star River

To become the high quality life style leader,Chateau Star River and We have common mission-to create  value  quality,adhere to quality create model,platinum five star hotel Chateau Star River,finalized Mengaiku as their gold   supplier for supplying excellent quality carpet.


Shanhai Minghang Chateau Star River Club

Shanghai Minghang Chateau Star River Club project is huge project , with the demand of high standard, short construction period , under our extreme help, 


Shangri-la Challenging the service ultimate limit

  We won the excellent supplier title from Shangri-la through all staff hard work of countless days and nights, at present , oversea Ulan Bator Shangri-la visit us and want to establish business relations with us.


 GuangZhou International Financial Centre (West Tower)

Elegant private Pavilion international chain hotel locate in Guangzhou CBD core landmark WEST TOWER we deeply studied with Singapore designer , and kept close communication , we both creat international fashion sense and reflect the traditional culture of carpet works, according to the unique style of ink performance, we always standout from the top carpet brand like “Shanghua”.


Happy year

We finish outside 15000 square meter order of Ulan Bator , our foreign trade order has already face to all over the world, Japan, New Zealand , America , and so on. Domestic market Hainan Shangri-la hotel project already complete, Zhujiangxincheng Agile Centre project are carrying on. Our decision is correct, it’s worth rejoicing in this year.


Creat Performance

Complete the Qufu Shangri-La Grand Hotel and Xianlin International Hospital two rehabilitation centers, which won the consistent praise.


Look Forward To 2016

 Outlook 2015, we will continue to adhere to, try to get more recognition of foreign enterprises,Mengaiku Carpet will be consistent in high quality product requirements on the idea to our work.